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This webpage is about a contest that happened during Fall 2010. This contest is now over and submissions are closed. Current contest can be found at

Final Rankings

Congratulations to this term's winner, Gábor Melis! Whereas the Google AI Challenge has traditionally been dominated by entries written in languages like C++, Gábor has solidly taken the top spot with an innovative algorithm. His entry is one of just 33 submissions written in Lisp, and is entitled bocsimacko. Congratulations Gábor!

A big congratulations also goes out to the runners up, _iouri_ and Slin-.-, as well as all the finalists in the top 100. With over 4600 submissions received, securing a spot in the top 100 was no easy task!

On behalf of Google and the University of Waterloo Computer Science Club, we would like to thank everybody who took part in the Google AI Challenge. This term was the best yet, with more than 4600 working entries submitted by people from 112 different countries. Thank you!

We would also like to thank all the people who generously volunteered their time and mad skills to make the Google AI Challenge happen.

Final rankings can be found here. These rankings are based on the Elo rating system. Click on any player's name to see their game history. If you crave more interesting statistics and rankings, check out the country rankings and organization rankings. Also check out this cool forum thread for tons of the most interesting game replays!

Google AI Challenge!

That's right, the Google AI Challenge is back! Are you excited to get started? So are we! Here is the timeline:

  • September 1, 2010: programming materials released to the public.
  • Friday Sept 10, 2010: official start date. You will be able to create an account and see your ranking.
  • Saturday Nov 27, 2010: submission deadline. No submissions will be accepted after 11:59 PM CST (i.e. server time as used in profile game listings). Don't wait till the last second to send in your final submission though, leaving yourself a few hours buffer to make sure it submits correctly is best.
  • Wednesday Dec 1, 2010: official results and final rankings will be released. Who will be the winner? Will it be you?!

Ready to get started? Download a starter pack, and then follow the five minute tutorial.

Got questions? Ask them in our forum or join us on #aichallenge on

Planet Wars is Based on Galcon

Planet Wars is inspired by Galcon, a popular iPhone and desktop strategy game. A huge thank-you goes out to the creator of Galcon, Phil Hassey, for letting us use his idea. We wanted to show Phil some love for being so awesome by saying a few words about Galcon here.

You can play Galcon online against other people for free here. The Galcon homepage is here. You can play Galcon on your desktop, phone, or on the web. If you love Galcon as much as we do, then consider buying it!